When it Matters Most

How far would you allow a stranger to question your life?

Disconnected, arrogant, and a little too fond of scotch, Simon drifts through the routines of his day, garnering the praise that sustains him. A knock on the office door interrupts the uniformity, when a complete stranger throws his world into question. He faces a choice: disengage from the conversation or see where her words take him.

Wrapping a narrative around fourteen wisdom tales from around the globe, When It Matters Most explores how our framing of relationships, grief, and purpose impacts our own experience and the lives of those around us.

Drawing on a background in corporate leadership, mediation, and religious thought, Keven Fletcher works as a storyteller and mentor within a globally diverse, academic community.

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Release in June 2016, through Elevate Publishing.  To purchase copies of the book, please go to any of the links below.

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