I confess that I’m happy to tell a good story, even when I’m unsure of its origin. As long as I let others know that it’s not my own work, I’m satisfied.

None of the wisdom stories contained in this section are my creations. I may have embellished details, lengthened narratives, altered genders, perhaps even shifted emphasis to suit my purposes, but their beginnings are not by my hand. Some are ancient tales, others relatively modern. A handful attest clear provenances; others are in dispute. A few are so common across a number of cultures that it seems unfair to favour one source over another. Sadly, a couple have been separated from any trace of their origins, even though they’re easily accessible on the web.

To the best of my ability, I offered some words of context before each offering. Hopefully they’ll provide a starting point for those who wish to dig deeper into the tales, along with the traditions that first gave them voice.

The Just Woman

Maybe, Maybe Not

The Farmer and the Hunter

The Taste of Soup

Value of a Ring

The Matriarch and the Wine

Ox and Monkey

The Ring of Wisdom

The Young Archer

The Nun and the General

The Treasurer and the Thief

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