Story telling can take many forms, writing and speaking being the obvious ones. In a different but parallel way, facilitation draws out a group’s storyline, connecting reflections on past work to an envisioned future. When mishandled conflict breaks the flow of that story, mediation addresses the block. If individual characters want to grow, coaching can clarify roles, goals, and paths forward.


Writer – Samples of my writing can be found under the ‘Original Works’ section of this site. Whether in the form of books, stories, reflections, or articles, you’ll find new additions dropping into the menu at regular intervals.


Speaker – With audiences varying from kindergarten students to professional associations and from youth conferences to educational symposiums, public speaking remains a cornerstone of my practice. So much depends on connecting with where listeners find themselves in their own thoughts, whether the topic be the creation of meaning, wellness in leadership, ethical decision making, understanding the other, or surviving the zombies (long story).


Facilitator – I first started to join groups at their tables in the early 1990’s. Because facilitation centres on the artful use of process rather than technical expertise in a particular subject area, I’ve sat with a diverse array of fascinating, passionate folk from private, public, and non-profit organizations, assisting them in clarifying their values, drawing together their strategic plans, and hearing from their stakeholders. In return, I’ve been offered a glimpse of the lives of those who work in credit unions, corporations, government ministries, professional associations, service providers, and higher education institutions.


Mediator – When involved at the more challenging tables within the facilitation continuum, there are times when participants find themselves in the throws of conflicts that serve no positive purpose. Although well handled differences contribute positively to sound decisions and greater creativity, conflict can have a profoundly negative impact on individuals and organizations. Sometimes, I’m called upon to assist one or both parties in preparing for a negotiation. At others, I join the table in a more formal manner.


Coach – One of the most rewarding parts of my work are the one-to-one conversations where people choose to share and re-work their stories. As I’ve suggested above, much of life relies on how we curate the events of our lives, examining and arranging the pieces in ways that throw light on who we are and wish to become in ways that impact our daily experience.