We forget how simple it can be to make a significant difference in someone’s life. Most of us have experienced a moment when we felt that someone truly listened, but what was it that made the interaction so powerful. Here’s another great clip from The School of Life.


Okay, this is a laundry commercial. It also carries a succinct message about how we can reflect and change, no matter the stage of life in which we find ourselves.


A little bit of pessimism from The School of Life can go a long way to setting the groundwork for healthy, loving relationships.


The connections we make with others in our every day lives never cease to amaze, along with the meaning that’s created. This is part of the Highly Evolved Human series.


From the little girl who talks about paths that lead to “beautifuler things” to the soothing voice of David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine Monk trained in Zen, this clip reminds us of the mindset we bring with us into the everyday.


What’s the lesson from a 75 year long study conducted by Harvard on what leads to human well-being, both physical and otherwise? Not fame, wealth, or high achievement. The answer, as summarized by Robert Waldinger, is tied to the quality of our relationships.


When we’re intentional about who we are and how we hold others, the results can be profound. This clip offers a glimpse into the work of Sadie Guthrie, a special ed teacher, and her exceptional students.


No matter how strong our practice, there are times when we get caught up in our own worlds, missing out on new possibilities. This clip by Tom Long captures the impact of our lapses, even momentary, along with our ability to learn from them.


When it comes to understanding a good story, Joseph Campbell knew the path that most every hero must navigate. Drawing comparisons to our lives, this clip outlines that journey and the uncomfortable truth that often “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”


Soulpancake offers a number of insightful videos. This one about the approach of Christopher Aiff and his family to his terminal diagnosis serves as a reminder of what makes life worthwhile.


Finding yourself facing an obstacle and in need of a boost? Here’s a short clip from Steven Claunch.


So much of life relies on our approach, whether we’re talking about shifting others or ourselves. Here’s a great example from the BS Guys.