Avoid the death spiral: the huge benefits of positive self-talk

We’ve all been lectured on the importance of positive self-talk. Well used, it leads us to more productive lives and a deeper sense of well-being. With all the thoughts and feelings floating around in our minds, it makes sense to notice which ones are dominant at any time. Once we’ve identified a few, we can […]

Story – Arya and the Broccoli Tree

Struggling to find an age appropriate story to follow on the heels of a Junior School Chapel on excellence and perfection, I wrote my own. I asked the students to listen for when the story talked about excellence, even though the term isn’t used directly. Enjoy! Arya and the Broccoli Tree Arya peered into the […]

What’s your ultimate goal, perfection or excellence?

This month, our Junior School students are focussing on excellence, which sounds like a good idea until you’re standing in front of two hundred inquiring faces. Ranging in age from five to eleven, many of the students aren’t ready for presentations that are less than concrete. Last term I used the phrase “on the wrong […]

Is the best you can, the best you’ve got?

It’s back. Like some Dementor trained by the Sith, it floated into an otherwise efficacious conversation, sucking the soul out of any sense of accountability. I was shocked. After all, this was a demon from the past, long thought deceased. But there it was, emerging from the mouth of a colleague about someone whose actions […]

Never doubt you’re free to improve your life…

“Useless. Tiring. Boring.” I had asked for feedback on Chapel – not based on a single gathering, but the whole term. The grade six to eight students arrived to find colourful index cards on their seats. On one side, they were asked to write three words that captured their experience of the programme. Thankfully, this […]